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Why is Alexandria Professional's Certification Course called Advanced Body Sugaring?

Alexandria Professional has set the standard in the 'hand ball' sugaring hair removal methodology, which is recognized worldwide as an advanced technique. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice to sugaring, learning the Alexandria Professional advanced method will take your skills to the next level in professional sugaring body hair removal.

How long will the Alexandria Professional Certification Course take to complete?

Although the advanced Body Sugaring Certification Course is a self-paced training, we encourage you to take your certification assessment (final practical exam) within 45 days of training. However, you are allowed to take up to SIX months to complete and feel comfortable with your knowledge and base technique. Your Educator will work closely with you for the duration of the course to help you perfect your technique and become proficient in your new skill.

How much does the Alexandria Professional® Certification Course cost?

The Advanced Body Sugaring Certification Course fee is $2,500 which includes a Student Kit, all course material and up to 6 months of virtual support from your Educator.

Is a Student Kit required to take the Advanced Body Sugaring Certification Course?

Yes, your course registration fee includes every essential item you will need to start sugaring right away, including a warmer, sugar paste, pre- and post- essentials, and nitrile gloves. Also included are Salt Spring™, Mud Puddle™, Phenomen-All™ and CC'me Creme™, all from our retail line of products that are used in the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ regimen.

Once I am registered, what type of support is available to me to help me complete my certification?

We are with you every step of the way! We offer ongoing Virtual Face to Face Support with an AP certified educator to ensure you get the most out of this program and help you become ready to start sugaring with confidence!

If I run out of products prior to completing my course, can I order more?

Yes, of course! The advanced technique requires practice to master; practice on yourself and others as much as possible. Once you are registered int he Advanced Body Sugaring Certification Course, you will receive access to the online store for easy and convenient ordering right from your home or salon. Our local distribution is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan so shipping is quick and affordable.

What sets Alexandria Professional apart from other sugaring companies?

Our Educators and sugaring practitioners all over the world are experts in their craft and we have a genuine interest in supporting the growth of beauty professionals worldwide. The Alexandria Professional advanced technique and theory is proven to achieve permanent hair reduction through consistent treatments, and it is our mission to bring this technique and experience to consumers everywhere. Alexandria Professional has set the standard when it comes to sugaring method, technique and education. We are the pioneers in the field and with over 30 years of doing what we do best, we are leaders in the hair removal and beauty industry. Train with us and experience the Alexandria Professional difference. Our name says it all.